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Travels of a Spider: In 2006, I set up Palewell Press and independently published my first poetry collection using I strongly recommend them to anyone new to publishing. Not only is it a low-cost route to getting ones book published but the people at Lulu are incredibly helpful. They offer an animation that shows you how the whole process works. And if you run into a problem, there are volunteer experts who will "instant message" with you to sort it out. You can buy a copy of Travels of a Spider through Lulu or Amazon or through a bookshop: ISBN 978-095567-700-7

Front cover of Travels of a Spider

Travelling East by Road and Soul: My second poetry collection came out in June 2009 from Flipped Eye Publishing who focus on producing collections by Spoken Word poets. Somehow, Travelling East by Road and Soul developed into a book of travel writing. It follows journeys Iíve made, mental as well as physical, from Londonís Greenwich Meridian eastwards around the globe, trying to understand people by visiting the places where they lived, loved and died. I'm really grateful to the people at Flipped Eye, especially my editor Nii Ayikwei Parkes, for help in refining the collection. You can buy a copy through Amazon or through a bookshop: ISBN 978-1905233229

Front cover of Travelling East by Road and Soul

The Cloud Singer: My first novel came out on Kindle in 2014 and the 2nd edition is about to appear in paperback. The Cloud Singer is Book 1 in Reins of Power - a futuristic fantasy series about Neligan, a 15 year old weather-witch. It's 2060 and Neligan is alone in Trampton, a ruined seaport fought over by a ruthless dictatorship, gangs of smugglers and anti-government rebels. Her stubborn, crazy nature keeps getting her into trouble but she's a born survivor. As hurricanes lash the seaport, explosive events keep happening around Neligan - are they caused by magic and should she help the wizard stalking her or hide from him? Then her beloved cart-horse falls ill. Searching desperately for black-market medicine to heal him, she gets caught up in the turf war between rival smugglers. Can her new friends help or must she confront her past and what it means? You can download the Kindle version from Amazon or look out for the paperback coming soon from Palewell Press

Front cover of Cloud Singer