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Camilla Reeve's credits

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Links to Camilla's favourite sites

In 2016 I relaunched Palewell Press, a small independent publisher that focuses on poetry together with writing of all kinds on human rights, social history and climate change.

A lot of my creative writing is about global warming and the other damaging impacts that so-called 'progress' is having on the environment and on people's lives. To find out about an organisation that's actually changing things for the better, visit Birley HIA.

I write a lot of science fiction and fantasy, and often draw on fantasy and primitive art for my starting point. For some amazing oil paintings, check out the work of Jeremy Simon Wallace.

My photos are strictly amateur but, for professional photography of the developing world, there's no site quite like the Tropix Photo Library, run by my cousin Veronica.

Performance coaching that helps people develop their message, leadership skills and emotional intelligence at Sasha Wallace Horizons - the Quality of Life coaching practice

I couldn't finish without mentioning my wonderful poetry publishers Flipped Eye who specialise in encouraging and promoting spoken word poets performing in the UK.