Interior of tree in Dorset

Writing with anger and love

Poetry, stories and photos by Camilla Reeve

Anger and love make me want to write. Love for other people and the world we share. Anger, sometimes, at what a few of those people do.

A lot of my writing is about landscapes I know and care about. Maybe you have a favourite landscape too, somewhere you know so well you can walk through it in your mind, a place that refreshes your spirit? Many of my favourite places are near trees. You’ll see some of them in my page of landscape photos. And do check out the photos of Prague doorways and arches from my visit in May 2012. What a magical city!

Writing about much loved people and places helps me capture experiences and revisit them later. Writing about what makes me angry gives me the courage to try and do something about it. I do hope you enjoy these web pages, and I’d love to see any writing you’ve done about places that are important to you.

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